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PAUL F. What does this means in terms of the vice president? Is Biden out and Hugh Jackman in?

This is what drives me nuts more than anything. Why Australia? Do they think Australia is a country in Africa? Like Bill-O, Beck claims to see things no one else can, like hidden messages in the artwork around Rockefeller Center, hidden socialist messages. On the radio and on Fox News, his almost daily assertions that he fears for where this country is headed, often reduced even himself to tears, never mind the rest of us. Beck has compared the president to Hitler, said Obama had a deep-seeded hatred for white people.

That racist remark sparked dozens of his advertisers to drop his program. His vitriol so damaging that the Anti-Defamation League actually named him the fear monger in chief. We had our turn with him, even when Beck decided the artwork around 30 Rock is actually sending secret socialist or fascist messages that only he can see. Our number one story and the jig is up. I know this is true because Glenn Beck has telled ph me so.

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Well, Standard Oil had this big Gothic building downtown in New York and they wanted to change it and update it. And there was no real American architect in New York City, in the whole world. They decided to do something completely different. Here is the door frame of this building, this where the concerts are. Can you show me this guy? This, I walked by this the other day with my wife and I stopped there and I showed her all of this stuff. And it drives me nuts that nobody knows what this is.

At Fifth Avenue?

So these are French communists. Who is this?

Alleged Obama birth certificate from Kenya is a hoax | PolitiFact

The president; completely unrelated. This represents at the time this was made, Mussolini. This was Mussolini. I keep this on my desk to remind myself that very beautiful things can come from really ugly places. There it is, made in the USSR. What is this? This is actually an image made of this man beating the plow, beating the sword into a plowshare. That sits here in New York City. It was—it was a gift from the former Soviet Union.

It sits behind this building, the United Nations, which happens to sit on land donated to the United States and the world by Rockefeller. Oh, my gosh. Show the other side. Glenn Beck has a Communist paperweight?

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Glenn Beck is a Soviet agent? Jack, our sound engineer, how long do you work in that building, Jack? Of course not, until somebody points it out. Those with eyes will not see and those with ears will not hear. But you know perhaps Glenn is right about all of this. There it is. And look at this symbol.

Trump defends years of Obama 'birther' rumors

This is—this is the ancient Sanskrit symbol for being left back a year in school. Why is there still a symbol for Alan Colmes, comrade? And this is a pictograph from ancient Crete. But nowhere, nowhere among this symbols that are outside the walls of the actual studios of Fox News, nowhere is there a symbol representing Glenn Beck. Are they not proud of the Glenn Beck? Will they not acknowledge the truth of the Glenn Beck or is the symbol for the Glenn Beck just not yet back from Photo-mat? You know what else is at Sixth Avenue on the roof? NBC and Glenn Beck in the same building, two marionettes, one set of strings, one puppeteer and, and, and, about the symbolism of the address, Sixth Avenue.

Sixth Avenue is actually called the Avenue of the Americas. Yes, plural. Americas, not just the America but all those little irrelevant Americas where the illegal aliens come from. The philosophers, the internationalists—an address still used to this day at this very hour on the stationery you of this man, Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch of the Avenue of the Americas. Rupert Murdoch, hasta la vista, baby. And finally, the ultimate awful secret about Avenue of the Americas, a truth so shocking and horrifying, you must send your children out of the room immediately.

I said immediate. And in midtown Manhattan, Avenue of the Americas is the premier spot. Located at center of midtown Manhattan this prestigious class A office tower is part of Rockefeller Center. Fox News is in Rockefeller Center.

'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' for Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Glenn Beck works in Rockefeller Center. The personal architect to the Rockefellers. Oh my gosh; the architect who designed the United Nations. And that is, early 20 th century progressives and the progressives of today. It makes sense. We hope you enjoyed it. Something tells me there will be plenty more crazy for us to cover in Happy holidays. However, the authenticity of the birth certificate is yet to be confirmed. A copy of what is claimed to be a Kenyan birth certificate showing President Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Well, according to the Constitution of the United States, any person becoming President of the United States must have been born on American soil. This means that naturalized American citizens are not eligible for the presidency. If it is proved that Obama was not born in the United States, then his legitimacy as President will be cast in doubt. The matter is that serious.


Filed under: News Tagged: barack obama , birth certificate , coast general hospital , kenya , mombasa , Orly Taitz , united states. But what was even more interesting was certain other features of the document as compared to the Kenya certificate. Lavender and J.