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Grace Period. We allow a day grace period in case of illness or inclement weather, but please keep in mind that the 10 th is not the due date — it is the last day to pay without interest. Taxes can be paid online, by mail, by ACH withdrawal call the Tax Collector to set this up , left in the secure drop-box in our parking lot up until 4pm of the last day of the grace period or in person in Borough Hall. If taxes are received after closing on the due date, according to New Jersey statute, interest is due.

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Links to Property Tax Relief Programs. Veteran State Tax Exemption.

The Tax Assessment Postcards vs. Total Taxes Paid. By law, every year in January, the Tax Assessor Patrick Wilkins mails out a postcard that states your current property assessment, and the amount of taxes billed the prior year on that assessment. These cards are not meant to reflect how much you actually paid in taxes the prior year, it states what was billed for that year.

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Each year, you should keep track of the total amount of taxes you pay within that calendar year. Hillsdale, NJ The last day to pay 4th Quarter taxes, without interest, is. All payments made after November 12 will be charged interest back to the.

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The official payment date is the date when the payment is received by the Tax Office, not the postmark date. Although taxes are due on the first days of February, May, August and November, the governing body of the Borough of Stone Harbor has authorized the Tax Collector to waive interest on the payment of any taxes if the full payment is received in the Tax Office by the 10th of the month due.

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Note: If the 10th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the grace period would extend until the next regular business day. Taxes may be received and credited as payments at any time, even prior to the dates when they become payable.

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If not paid on the due dates, taxes are considered delinquent until full payment is made including all principal and interest due cumulative effect. If taxes are not paid by the 10th of the month in which they are due, interest will be charged back to the 1st of the month N. Payments received on a delinquent account are applied in the following method: first to interest due, then any balance being applied to the oldest delinquency first, then to subsequent delinquencies.

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Department of Tax Collection. New Jersey has 21 counties and municipalities. There is no unincorporated land in New Jersey and no municipalities cross counties. New Jersey is very diverse, ranging from incredibly dense cities such as Union City and very rural townships such as Washington Township in Burlington County. From the list below, you can drill down into municipalities, blocks and lots to find an individual property.

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You can also use the search functionality above to find a property by street address or owner name. Toggle navigation NJ Parcels.