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Visit TruthFinder. What We Like Reveals personal details most people search tools don't include. Unique filtering options. A search can yield too many results to narrow down quickly. Inaccurate results if user omitted information from their profile. Visit Facebook. What We Like Four ways to search for people. Gathers information from multiple sources.

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Several ways to pay for reports. Sometimes offers really cheap reports.

What We Don't Like You must pay to see the results. Results take several minutes to populate. Visit BeenVerified.

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What We Like Near-instant results. Provides some information for free. What We Don't Like Free report has few details. Not as up to date as similar sites. Lots of ads. Visit Zabasearch. What We Like Easy to use. Direct results. No user account needed to view results.

What We Don't Like Results limited to professional details. No filtering options to help narrow down the results. Our Review of LinkedIn. Visit LinkedIn. What We Like Multiple ways to search for people. Basic results are free. Pulls data from other sites. Useful search refining tools. What We Don't Like Fewer useful results than similar websites. Full of advertisements. PeekYou also lets you search for people by name and phone number.

Visit PeekYou. What We Like Relatively inexpensive reports. Explains what the report did and didn't find before you pay. Basic results are revealed quickly.

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What We Don't Like Must pay for deeper information. Emailing the report costs more.

Unless your are specifically targeted by an advanced attack, however, the Tor Browser is quite good at preventing anyone from associating your online identity with the websites you visit or the search terms you enter. If you can not use Tor, you might want to find a VPN provider that you trust and use it with a privacy-aware search engine, such as DuckDuckGo. If you decide to proceed with an investigation that involves googleDorking, the remainder of this guide will help you get started and provide a comparison of supported dorks across search engines as of March Dorking can be employed across various search engines, not just on Google.

In everyday use, search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo accept a search term, or a string of search terms and return matching results. But search engines are also programmed to accept more advanced operators that refine those search terms. An operator is a key word or phrase that has particular meaning for the search engine. Each operator is followed by a colon which is followed by the relevant term or terms with no space before or after the colon.

A googleDork is just a search that uses one or more of these advanced techniques to reveal something interesting. These operators allow a search to target more specific information, such as certain strings of text in the body of a website or files hosted on a given url. Among other things, a googleDorker can locate hidden login pages, error messages that give away too much information and files that a website administrator might not realise are publicly accessible. Not all advanced search techniques rely on operators.

For example, including quotation marks around text prompts the engine to search for only the exact phrase in quotes.

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A similar search on https:exposingtheinvisible. You can use more than one operator, and the order generally does not matter. However, if your search isn't working, it wouldn't hurt to switch around operator names and test out the different results. There are many existing googleDork operators, and they vary across search engines.

To give you a general idea of what can be found, we have included four dorks below. Even if two search engines support the same operators, they often return different results. Replicating these searches across various search engines is a good way to get a sense of those differences. As you explore these searches, you might locate some sensitive information, so it's a good idea to use the Tor Browser, if you can, and to refrain from downloading any files.

In addition to legal issues, it's good to keep in mind that random files on the internet sometimes contain malware.

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Always download with caution. That final query, performed across various search engines, will return different results, as illustrated below:.

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As you can see, results vary from engine to engine. Importantly, the DuckDuckGo query does not return correct results. However, using the filetype operator on its own does return correct results, just not targeted to the dhs. But using the ext operator, which serves the same purpose on DuckDuckGo does return results targeted to the dhs.

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Searching for login and password information can be useful as a defensive dork. Passwords are, in rare cases, clumsily stored in publicly accessible documents on webservers. Try the following dorks in different search engines:. Cardigan will let you fetch you last 3, tweets for free. Your tweets are ready to browse! Cardigan lets you browse your important tweets newest to oldest, most to least retweets, most to least favorites, and vice versa.