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As fleets and companies adopt technology to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and optimize operations, fleet managers are responsible for coordinating an increasing number of systems, technologies, third-party integrations and employees. Companies must handle growing demand and tightening capacity alongside other industry challenges like the driver shortage, rising fuel prices and industry regulations.

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Being able to manage a fleet in its entirety, from day-to-day tasks to the big picture, is important to keep companies running smoothly and profitably, while creating a safe, comfortable environment for drivers. With second-by-second details from fleet management solutions about vehicle location and job progress, fleet managers have access to data and insights in one central place to improve processes.

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Multiple data points delivered to fleet managers from telematics allows them to leverage key metrics, like vehicle usage, driver behavior and idle times, supplying answers to questions about productivity. Fleet managers are then able to make changes or improve processes during the workday and in real-time.

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A more efficient fleet is a more cost effective fleet; as managers identify and correct for inefficiencies like driver behavior leading to excessive idling or above-average fuel usage, they can incur cost savings. Safety is a priority for every organization, and fleet management is an important part of building a safety-first company.

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Telematics allows fleet and safety managers to effectively monitor for dangerous behaviors at the individual and fleet-wide level. Data can be used to develop driver safety programs, and by integrating dashboard camera and safety analytics technology, create personalized, relevant training to coach drivers on safe behavior, creating a safer fleet. The responsibilities of a fleet manager are wide-reaching, including but not limited to the following:.

Fleet Managers need to be agile, forward thinking and have strong problem solving capabilities.

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Here are some of the skills that are most important:. The successful fleets are those who will integrate technologies and make the most of innovations like IoT, telematics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more. In-vehicle telematics are quickly becoming a must-have for commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, and fleet managers must be able to understand the technology, learn how to use it and determine how it fits into their role at a company. It may also require a whole new set of skills, both technical and personal, to manage the capture and analysis of data.

Fleet management at its most basic level is based on the principal of the Internet of Things IoT..

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IoT connects physical devices, including vehicles or equipment, embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators, which allows the connected devices to collect and exchange data. This data, once analyzed, can provide insight into next-steps or actions. In the case of fleet management technology, a telematics device connects to an engine, either on a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, via its on-board diagnostics OBD or CAN-BUS port.

As fleets monitor and track against more metrics like safety, maintenance and fuel usage, the more data is available to them. See everyone and everything, instantly.

It is organized to be rich in detail, yet helpful and not overwhelming. Look back in time with full activity history. This will give you unprecedented access to the innermost workings of your drivers and fleet vehicles.

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There are also no data storage limits, so if it happened, you can see it—even years later. You can also monitor driver behavior, reduce theft and unauthorized usage, and improve customer service with accurate ETAs.

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This information and more is displayed on your Driver Scorecards.