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The house was torn down around and was later home to a gas station and is now where Muffler Brothers is located on North Limestone. Thomas was a very prominent Springfield citizen.

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  7. John founded the Thomas and Mast Company with industrialist P. Mast in and the specialized in Buckeye grain drills, seeders, and cider mills.

    John Thomas left the company in and in he formed the Thomas Manufacturing Company with his two sons, William and Findley. The company made a variety of products including hay rakes, steam engines, lawn mowers, pumps, disc harrows, bicycles, grain drills, and seeders.

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    We have a grain drill and a Thomas bicycle on display in the museum along with a few products from Thomas and Mast. John Thomas was a major philanthropist in the community, serving on city council and the Snyder Park board. He and Ross Mitchell gave a large financial gift that allowed for the establishment of the Mitchell-Thomas hospital on E.

    Main street, which was in use from Thomas has the distinct honor of having THE tallest monument at Ferncliff cemetery. Manufacturing Category — Thomas Manufacturing Co. What could this be?


    A few people recognized right away that it was some sort of game and a couple knew it for what it was: a fortune telling game! We came across this several years ago with processing the Geneva Fath Brown Collection, mixed in among some really powerful and sometimes humorous correspondence between a young Geneva Fath and soldier friends in World War I.

    As near as we can tel l, the way this game worked was that you had a list of words from A-M and a corresponding list of boys or girls and you would count randomly down the list to assign the people to the words. For example, on this list Ralph H. Adores you, Will C. This was a fun find because we started reminiscing about similar games like the origami fortune teller Cootie Catcher , and M. H seen above. It goes to show the while things change, some things stay the same! Turn of the century replica classroom. Education Category — Educational Materials Collection.

    We had quite a few good guesses and several guesses that were correct! High Street and Penn Street following the collapse of the E. High Street Bridge on May 12, A drainage sewer on York Street burst in the early hours of the morning, causing the water to surge more, creating a raging torrent beneath the E. High Street bridge, which eventually gave way as the embankment below washed away, leaving behind the destruction seen here.

    The eastern part of the Eastern School yard closest to the railroad had washed away and it was feared that continued use of the building would be unsafe. There were a few emergency meetings with the School Board and consultation with local architects F. Penfield and Charles A. A new Eastern School was built in farther up on the south side of E. It is not clear exactly when the original Eastern School building was torn down, but it sat abandoned for a number of years.

    The Centennial Cabin was built for the centennial of the city of Springfield and was originally located at the county fairgrounds on Yellow Springs Street. During the centennial celebrations the cabin was open as a museum run by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The following pictures show the site of the bridge collapse, more photos of the May flood from our Disaster Collection in the archives and the Centennial Cabin in , , and Photograph Category — Disasters — May 12, Flood. Next we jumped to our clipped obituary card file and found a Richard Hackett who died in While that particular Richard seemed very interesting he worked at Crowell Collier, headed the Hackett Trio , his birth date and death date told us he was clearly NOT the correct person.

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