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In other cases, users prefer to not disclose their location for privacy or other reasons. Technical measures for ensuring anonymity , such as proxy servers , can be used to circumvent restrictions imposed by geolocation software.

How to change IP location

Some sites detect the use of proxies and anonymizers, and may either block service or provide non-localized content in response. Any further tracking e.

Geolocation technology has been under development only since , and the first patents were granted in Federal Communications Commission FCC has proposed that geolocation software might be leveraged to support location determination. An IP address or the related unique URL may also investigated with basic functions, typing from the keyboard two instructions: ping and traceroute.

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  • These laws are intended to prevent money laundering, trafficking with terrorist organizations, and trading with banned nations. When it is possible to identify the true location of online visitors, geolocation can protect banks from participating in the transfer of funds for illicit purposes. More and more prosecuting bodies are bringing cases involving cyber-crimes such as cyber-stalking and identity theft.

    Geolocation software

    Prosecutors often have the capability of determining the IP address data necessary to link a suspect to a particular crime. Online retailers and payment processors use geolocation to detect possible credit card fraud by comparing the user's location to the billing address on the account or the shipping address provided.

    A mismatch — an order placed from the US on an account number from Tokyo, for example — is a strong indicator of potential fraud. IP address geolocation can be also used in fraud detection to match billing address postal code or area code. Whois databases can also help verify IP addresses and registrants.

    Government, law enforcement and corporate security teams use geolocation as an investigatory tool, tracking the Internet routes of online attackers to find the perpetrators and prevent future attacks from the same location. Since geolocation software can get the information of user location, companies using geomarketing may provide web content or products that are famous or useful in that specific location.

    By geolocating viewers, they can be certain of obeying licensing regulations. Jim Ramo, chief executive of movie distributor Movielink, said studios were aware of the shortcomings going in and have grown more confident now that the system has been shown to work.


    A location-based game is a type of pervasive game for smartphones or other mobile devices in which the gameplay evolves and progresses via a player's real-world location which is typically reported via GPS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    HTML5 Geolocation. O'Reilly Media. Retrieved Retrieved 10 January Ashcroft - Expert report of Seth Finkelstein". But there is a very easy way to get around this: a VPN! Changing your IP address to another country is easy, and requires no more than a few mouse clicks. The effect is instantaneous, and your IP location will immediately change to make it seem like you are in the country of your choosing.

    ipstack - Free IP Geolocation API

    Changing your IP address with a VPN has numerous benefits, as it lets you change your IP address to another country and give you an extra layer of privacy, since nobody can see where you are surfing from. You can get it for desktop or mobile platforms, and there is a free 5-day trial version with no credit card required.

    JavaScript is disabled in your web browser For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Choose your country. How to change IP location. Sometimes we need to unblock the internet by appearing to be somewhere else than where we actually are.