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General overview of Geography preparation Read the syllabus thoroughly, nothing would be asked beyond the syllabus. Your email will not be published. Skip to content Bases, starting shapes that may be used to fold many different models, are formed through certain combinations of basic folds. Thomas's sister Elizabeth age six died of typhoid fever on March 6, , with two-year-old Thomas at her bedside. His father also died of a typhoid fever on March Jackson's mother gave birth to Thomas's sister Laura Ann the day after Jackson's father died.

She sold the family's possessions to pay the debts. She declined family charity and moved into a small rented one-room house. Julia took in sewing and taught school to support herself and her three young children for about four years. In , Julia Neale Jackson remarried, against the wishes of her friends. Her new husband, Captain Blake B. Woodson, [14] an attorney, did not like his stepchildren. There were continuing financial problems. The following year, after giving birth to Thomas's half-brother Willam Wirt Woodson, Julia died of complications, leaving her three older children orphaned.

As their mother's health continued to fail, Jackson and his sister Laura Ann were sent to live with their half-uncle, Cummins Jackson , who owned a grist mill in Jackson's Mill near present-day Weston in Lewis County in central West Virginia. Their older brother, Warren, went to live with other relatives on his mother's side of the family, but he later died of tuberculosis in at the age of twenty. Thomas and Laura Ann returned from Jackson's Mill in November to be at their dying mother's bedside. They spent four years together at the Mill before being separated—Laura Ann was sent to live with her mother's family, Thomas to live with his Aunt Polly his father's sister and her husband, Isaac Brake, on a farm four miles from Clarksburg.

Thomas was treated by Brake as an outsider and, having suffered verbal abuse for over a year, ran away from the family. When his cousin in Clarksburg urged him to return to Aunt Polly's, he replied, "Maybe I ought to, ma'am, but I am not going to. Cummins Jackson was strict with Thomas, who looked up to Cummins as a schoolteacher. Jackson helped around the farm, tending sheep with the assistance of a sheepdog , driving teams of oxen and helping harvest wheat and corn. Formal education was not easily obtained, but he attended school when and where he could.

Much of Jackson's education was self-taught. He once made a deal with one of his uncle's slaves to provide him with pine knots in exchange for reading lessons; Thomas would stay up at night reading borrowed books by the light of those burning pine knots.

Virginia law forbade teaching a slave, free black or mulatto to read or write; nevertheless, Jackson secretly taught the slave, as he had promised. Once literate, the young slave fled to Canada via the Underground Railroad. The Civil War has sometimes been referred to as a war of "brother against brother," but in the case of the Jackson family, it was brother against sister. As the war loomed, she became a staunch Unionist in a somewhat divided Harrison County.

She was so strident in her beliefs that she expressed mixed feelings upon hearing of Thomas's death. One Union officer said that she seemed depressed at hearing the news, but her Unionism was stronger than her family bonds.

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In a letter, he wrote that Laura had said she "would rather know that he was dead than to have him a leader in the rebel army. Because of his inadequate schooling, he had difficulty with the entrance examinations and began his studies at the bottom of his class.

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Displaying a dogged determination that was to characterize his life, he became one of the hardest working cadets in the academy, and moved steadily up the academic rankings. Jackson graduated 17th out of 59 students in the Class of Jackson began his United States Army career as a second lieutenant in the 1st U.

Artillery Regiment and was sent to fight in the Mexican—American War from to He served at the Siege of Veracruz and the battles of Contreras , Chapultepec , and Mexico City , eventually earning two brevet promotions, and the regular army rank of first lieutenant. During the assault on Chapultepec Castle on September 13, , he refused what he felt was a "bad order" to withdraw his troops. Confronted by his superior, he explained his rationale, claiming withdrawal was more hazardous than continuing his overmatched artillery duel. His judgment proved correct, and a relieving brigade was able to exploit the advantage Jackson had broached.

In contrast to this display of strength of character, he obeyed what he also felt was a "bad order" when he raked a civilian throng with artillery fire after the Mexican authorities failed to surrender Mexico City at the hour demanded by the U. After the war, Jackson was briefly assigned to forts in New York, and then to Florida during the Second Interbellum of the Seminole Wars , during which the Americans were attempting to force the remaining Seminoles to move West. He was stationed briefly at Fort Casey before being named second-in-command at Fort Meade , a small fort about thirty miles south of Tampa.

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Jackson and French disagreed often, and filed numerous complaints against each other. Jackson stayed in Florida less than a year. Parts of Jackson's curriculum are still taught at VMI, regarded as timeless military essentials: discipline, mobility, assessing the enemy's strength and intentions while attempting to conceal your own, and the efficiency of artillery combined with an infantry assault. Though he spent a great deal of time preparing in depth for each class meeting, Jackson was unpopular as a teacher.

His students called him "Tom Fool". He memorized his lectures and then recited them to the class; any student who came to ask for help was given the same explanation as before. And if a student asked for help a second time, Jackson viewed him as insubordinate and punished him. For his tests, Jackson typically had students simply recite memorized information that he had given them. The students mocked his apparently stern, religious nature and his eccentric traits. In , a group of alumni attempted to have Jackson removed from his position.


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Jackson's peculiar personal traits contributed to his unpopularity as an educator. With little sense of humor, he once tried to get a cadet dismissed from VMI for playing a prank on him. He was a hypochondriac who had sinus problems and arthritis and stood for long periods of time to keep his internal organs in place, a tiring activity that he believed contributed to good health. He rarely ate much food and often subsisted on crackers and milk.

He required little sleep but was known to take catnaps.

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He liked mineral baths. Little as he was known to the white inhabitants of Lexington, Jackson was revered by many of the African Americans in town, both slaves and free blacks. In , he was instrumental in the organization of Sunday School classes for blacks at the Presbyterian Church. His second wife, Mary Anna Jackson , taught with Jackson, as "he preferred that my labors should be given to the colored children, believing that it was more important and useful to put the strong hand of the Gospel under the ignorant African race, to lift them up.

“When You Need the Strength of Family”

William Spottswood White, described the relationship between Jackson and his Sunday afternoon students: "In their religious instruction he succeeded wonderfully. His discipline was systematic and firm, but very kind. His servants reverenced and loved him, as they would have done a brother or father. He was emphatically the black man's friend. Jackson's family owned six slaves in the late s.

Three Hetty, Cyrus, and George, a mother and two teenage sons were received as a wedding present. Another, Albert, requested that Jackson purchase him and allow him to work for his freedom; he was employed as a waiter in one of the Lexington hotels and Jackson rented him to VMI. Amy also requested that Jackson purchase her from a public slave auction and she served the family as a cook and housekeeper.

The sixth, Emma, was a four-year-old orphan with a learning disability , accepted by Jackson from an aged widow and presented to his second wife, Mary Anna, as a welcome-home gift. Jackson neither apologized for nor spoke in favor of the practice of slavery. He probably opposed the institution. Yet in his mind the Creator had sanctioned slavery, and man had no moral right to challenge its existence. The good Christian slaveholder was one who treated his servants fairly and humanely at all times.